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Projects for John Mason

John Mason currently has 6 project(s) at RIAForge. These projects have been downloaded 15,135 time(s) and have been viewed 192,969 time(s).

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cfUpdater - Manager for ColdFusion Updates
Last Updated: 12/6/09
Downloads: 1,571
Views: 30,182
A CF Admin custom extension that helps manage and install ColdFusion updates and security patches

Event Calendar - Sharing Calendar built with jQuery and CF
Last Updated: 2/9/10
Downloads: 3,171
Views: 27,181
Very similar to Google's Calendar system built with jQuery and ColdFusion

Katapult - CMS
Last Updated: 8/13/09
Downloads: 1,686
Views: 43,713
Katapult - Simple Content Management System

Portcullis - SQL Injection and XSS Filter
Last Updated: 1/16/10
Downloads: 6,015
Views: 49,402
Portcullis is a CFC based filter to help protect against SQL Injection and XSS

Stiletto - Silent server-side debugging
Last Updated: 12/6/09
Downloads: 1,044
Views: 20,085
With Stiletto, you will have the ability to trace through the steps that the end user took and see the debugging information as if you were them.

Thor - a different kind of CFC validation
Last Updated: 12/6/09
Downloads: 1,648
Views: 22,406
Thor is a CFC based data validation system used to validate user submitted data. It can do either server-side or client-side validation. It's very easy to use and is framework agnostic.